Our Projects

With regard to the financial situation, the initial amount of USD 50,000 which was funded by Pyoe Pin Program-DFID for setting up of the Secretariat and capacity building activities for member organization. Furthermore 350,000 USD has been granted from Pyoe Pin to MERN for overall project implementation. The following Small Grant Projects are implemented by member organizations with the Pyoe Pin budget.

“Rehabilitating mangroves and improving food security of the Nargis victims through enhanced technical capacities and community agro-forestry” Project

Recipient ECCDI
Budget  49,864 USD
Project Area  Kyar Kan Kwin Pauk Reserve Forest, Labutta Tsp.
Project Period  1.11.2010 to 31.10.2011
Project Activities  Identification of nursery and planting sites, Formation of forest user groups and assisting for community forest establishment, Establishment of nursery to grow mangrove, non-mangrove and fruit trees, Plantation establishment – 50 ha (123.5 acres), Livestock (duck) breeding, Fish breeding, Training (agro-forestry, aqua-forestry, home-gardening, livestock breeding), Awareness raising

“Assistance for Community Based Forest Management” Project

Recipient ECLOF
Budget 45,181 USD
Project Area Pyin Ah Lan VT, Pyin Sa Lu Sub-Tsp., Labutta Tsp.
Project Period 1.11.2010 to 31.10.2011
Project Activities Establish village level networking for community based forest management, Advocacy, Distribution of energy saving stoves, Livelihood assistance, Awareness raising and training, Establishment of forest nursery, Planting wind-break tree 20 acres

“Rehabilitation and Restoration of Mangrove and Livelihood” Project

Recipient BDA
Budget 20,000 USD
Project Area Pinlaetain, Leikkabar, Danoanseik Villages, Bogalay Township
Project Period 1.2.2011 to 31.1.2012
Project Activities Formation of Village Supervision Committee, Planting 24,000 mangrove trees (eqv. 20 Acre), small livestock distribution and revolving fund, Training on mangrove management and livestock

Awareness Raising and Capacity Building for Local Communities to Recover Mangrove

Recipient MSDN
Budget 19,925 USD
Project Area Pa Nga Village Tract (12 villages), Than Phyu Zayat Tsp.
Project Period 1.2.2011 to 31.1.2012
Project Activities Formation of CBO, Awareness raising, Conduct community mobilization and mangrove management training, mangrove nursery, establishment of mangrove plantation- 50 acre

“Promotion of Community Initiative Environmental Conservation in Rural Community” Project

Recipient MTM
Budget 19,956 USD
Project Area Gwaygone Village Tract (6 villages), Mawlamyinegyun Tsp.
Project Period 1.2.2011 to 31.7.2011
Project Activities Formation of CBO (village elder group), Awareness raising and training, Community initiative mangrove rehabilitation- 24 acres

“Mangrove Restoration and Community Forestry in Hpo Au San Village” Project

Recipient FREDA
Budget 20,000 USD
Project Area Hpo Au San Village, Tebinseik VT, Pya Pon Township
Project Period 1.4.2011 to 31.3.2012
Project Activities Awareness raising, formation of CBO, Production of IEC, Identifying and formation of CF user groups, Mangrove plantation establishment-60 Ac

” Feasibility Study for Desalination of Seawater and Environmental Conservation in Mangrove Forest Area” Project

Recipient EKTA
Budget 10,000 USD
Project Area 5 villages from Bone Gyi Kone VT, Labutta Township
Project Period 1.6.2011 to 31.11.2011
Project Activities Formation of water user group, Feasibility study of water desalination, Training for water & sanitation, Environmental activities and training

” Mangrove Conservation Awareness Raising through Demonstration Nursery ” Project

Recipient SVS
Budget 10,000 USD
Project Area Aung Chan Tha Village, Setsan VT, Bogalay Township
Project Period 1.6.2011 to 31.8.2011
Project Activities Mangrove nursery, Mangrove tree planting, awareness raising

MERN has been implementing two Joint Projects as follow.

Project Name Oxfam Novib – Euro 300,000 + Pyoe Pin Program – USD 60,000
Implementing member EcoDev, SDF, BDA & SVS
Donor & Budget Oxfam Novib – Euro 300,000 + Pyoe Pin Program – USD 60,000
Project Area 16 villages of Pyinbolay, Setsan and Kyein Chaung Gyi VTs, Bogalay Township
Project Period 1.3.2011 to 31.12.2013 (3 Years)
Project Activities Formation of CBO, Capacity building for CBO, Mobilizing and awareness raising, Patrolling for CBNRM, Micro-grant for livelihood and food security, Assistance for Community Forestry, Trainings
Project Name Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Assets Restoration in Rakhine (CLEARR)
Implementing member BANCA, BDA, ECCDI, EcoDev, RCA, SDF
Donor & Budget LIFT Fund Myanmar – nearly 3 million (2,999,816) USD
Project Area 62 villages of Gwa Township
Project Period 1.7.2011 to 30.6.2014 (3 Years)
Project Activities Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery, Mangrove conservation and rehabilitation, Capacity building, Awareness raising, Advocacy
Project Name Strengthening of DRR capacity and community-based management of the mangrove forest ecosystem for adaptation to climate change in high-risk areas of Rakhine State, Myanmar
Implementing member MERN (Lead Agency- Malteser International)
Donor & Budget Funded by BMZ through Malteser, 83,567,000 MMK
Project Area 24 villages of Sittwe, Rathedaung, Pauktaw and Myebon townships of Rakhine
Project Period 01.09.2013 to 31.08.2015 (2 Years)
Project Activities Formation of CBO, Capacity building for CBO, Mobilizing and awareness raising, Mangrove management and rehabilitation, Livelihood supports
Project Name Building Capacity and Strengthening Voice of Local NGOs for Improved Environmental Governance in Myanmar
Implementing member jointly implemented by IUCN & MERN
Donor & Budget Funded by EU, EURO 450,000
Project Area Capacity Building for MERN Network Members
Project Period Sep 2013 to Aug 2017 (4 Years)
Project Activities Capacity Building, Small Grant Program
Project Name Indo-Burma Hotspot II
Implementing member jointly implemented by IUCN, MERN (in Myanmar) and KFBG (in China)
Donor & Budget Funded by CEPF, USD 8.85 millions
Project Area Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Southern China and Myanmar
Project Period 2013 to 2018 (5 Years)
Project Activities Biodiversity conservation by CSOs and local communities through Small Grant and Large Grant program
Project Name Forest & Farm Facility
Implementing organization  FAO Myanmar
Facilitate by  MERN
Implementing Partners  ECCDI,FOW,MCS,MHDO,SDF,SVS in 2014 ECCDI, RCA, FOW,AYO in 2015
Project Area  Ayeyarwaddy Division ,Rakhine State, Shan State
Donor & Budget  Funded by FAO , USD 6,000,000
Project Activities (1)Strengthen Smallholder, Women, community and Indigenous peoples’ Producer organizations for business/livelihood and policy engagement.

(2) Catalyse multi-sectoral stakeholder policy platforms with governments at local and country levels

(3) Link local voices and learning to global processes through communication and information dissemination.

Project Period  2014 to 2017 (3 Years)
Project Name KFW-ACB Small Grant Program
Implementing Organizations ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, GITEC & MERN
Implementing Partners  Forest Department, WCS, FFI, BANCA, FOW, ECCDI
 Donor & Budget  KFW (German Economic Development Bank), Euro 10 million
 Project Area  4 ASEAN Heritage Parks (Meinmahla, Natmataung, Indawgyi, Alaungtaw Kathapha)
 Project Period  2013 to 2018 (5 Years)

Member Organizations