Vietnam exchange visit of FAO-FFF program

Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) has been implementing a program in Myanmar in collaboration with Forest Department (FD) of Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF) since 2013. Myanmar Environment Rehabilitation-conservation Network (MERN) is a Facilitation Organization for FFF program in Myanmar. Forest Department led to form a national level policy platform namely “Community Forestry National Working Group (CFNWG) with the facilitation support of RECOFTC.

FFF in cooperation with FD supports forest and farm producer groups in business formation through the establishment and development of forest resources and sustainable wood production schemes under the guidance of the National Working Group on Community Forestry (CFNWG). Within this framework a 7-day exchange visit to Vietnam from 25th to 30th October was organized to forest and farm producer organizations in Vietnam in order to learn about their experiences with community forestry schemes and community driven, business oriented wood production. MERN organized necessary supports and Pyoe Pin program co-funded for the exchange visit.

exchange visit is to exchange the experiences and lessons learnt in implementing the FFF activities and to contribute building the capacities of the producers to establish successful community businesses, create employment for community members, contribute to increased income, improved food sufficiency, and reduced deforestation in poor rural areas of Myanmar based on the lessons learnt from Vietnam exchange visit.

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