Formation of MERN

The idea of Networking for rehabilitation and conservation of mangrove resources including livelihood activities among the local environmental NGOs and establishment of a mangrove recovery fund or trust fund was initiated in the meeting held for “Promoting Community-led Natural Resource Management in the Delta” organized by Pyoe Pin Program on 13 December, 2008.

A series of follow up meetings were made during the 6-7 months period. Finally, a launching of official formation of MERN and, election of Central Executive Committee member and Fund Board member could be made on 1st August 2009.

Currently, MERN has over 21 members working on programs and projects related to livelihoods, environmental protection and sustainable development.
All members have expressed a need or desire for MERN to facilitate training and programs to help with their development and long term sustainability.


To ensure Myanmar people are well-informed and empowered to address environmental & related issues.


Mern will :

  • Be a leader and a strong voice on environment issues
  • Share knowledge and information
  • Promote public awareness on environment & related issues
  • Improve coordination and collaboration on environmental matters
  • Influence national and regional government policy and practice on the environment for the benefit of communities
  • Support its Members to become strong, effective, and sustainable organizations

Member Organizations