3rd Strategic Plan Meeting with Member Organizations


3rd-strategic-plan-meeting-with-member-organizationstThe 3rd strategic Plan meeting was held with MERN member organizations.  All attended member organizations actively discussed on the draft Strategic Plan (SP) which is based on discussions and inputs of MERN member organizations’ inclusiveness and participatory from previous 1st and 2nd strategic plan meeting. In this 3rd SP meeting, Mr. Greg Martin presented the importance of having strategic plan that is looking to the future and planning what we are going to implement in coming three years and the advantages of being in the network. Additionally, he explained to all participants that SP is a key document for planning, fund raising, ensuring the organization is heading in the right direction, representing member of beneficiaries and credibility.

 We could mainly review on draft SP, add and remove some points as consensus of every participant and detailed discussions of Strategic Plan Objectives under the Strategic Plan Activities could be reviewed.

All participants reflected following main “Strategic Plan Objectives”

SP OBJECTIVE 1:  Capacity of MERN & its members in governance, management & sustainability raised and maintained to an international standard.

SP OBJECTIVE 2:  Networking and information sharing between MERN, its members and other key partners developed and maintained.

SP OBJECTIVE 3: Policy development, engagement, advocacy and media enhanced.

SP OBJECTIVE 4: Develop the MERN network as a leader and strong voice on environment issues by promotion awareness and information and fostering collaboration and coordination.

SP OBJECTIVE 5: Institutional capacity and sustainability of MERN strengthened.

Above main SP Objectives and its detail activities will be amended upon the comments and feedbacks from member organizations. The draft SP document will be circulated to MERN members at the end of June and MERN’s member organizations are requested to send back their comments and feedbacks to MERN office through email or phone within two weeks. After collecting their comments and feedbacks from all member organizations, we will finalize the draft SP and submit to board of MERN for approval. We are trying to have the approved SP before coming Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held in August. MERN office will send out the ratified and approved strategic plan to all MERN’s member organizations before coming AGM.

The 3rd SP member meeting is held at MERN office on 23rd June 2015.

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