ToT of organizational & business self-assessment and improvement of developing an action plan for Community Forest Product Producer Associations (CFPPAs)


A three days Training of trainers on organizational self-assessment for Community Forest Product Producer Associations (CFPPAs) was organised by the Forest and Farm Facility and the CoOPequity programme of FAO and MERN, in cooperation with the Forestry Department (FD) of Myanmar and the Community Forestry Development Training Centre (CFDTC). The main objective of the training was to familiarize the 39 participants from CFPPAs, FD and NGOs from four regions of the country on the process to conduct organizational and business self diagnosis and develop an action plan for improvement.

The training registered high satisfaction level among attendees, and CFPPAs at village level will replicate the process learned in the training in their respective CFPPAs to develop and agree on an action plan with all the other members. The NGOs that attended are keen as well on including this training in their activities to support the development of action plans in CFPPAs at township level. As a result of the Training, CFPPA members who participated in the training are able to conduct an organizational and business diagnosis of their CFPPAs and develop action plan for improvement. In addition, the Training has helped to increase cooperation level between CFPPAs members, and knowledge sharing about the process of organizational and business self assessment and action plan for development.

Member Organizations