Holding MERN’s 8th Annual General/All Member Meeting


September 8, Friday is the day of MERN’s 8th Annual General Meeting at International Business Center (IBC), Yangon. This is also 8th meeting that MERN has been holding All Member Meeting when it’s age has been 8 years old.


Representatives from Pyoepin, authentic supporter to happen MERN, representative from FAO Myanmar Office, representatives from Forest Department and Environmental Conservation Department of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation (MONREC), representatives from RECOFTC, WCS, WWF who are key partners of MERN, representatives from Medias and Journals, representatives of the MERN member organizations and 9 members of Central Executive Committee (CEC) presented the meeting.


Dr. Nyi Nyi Kyaw, Director-General of Forest Department of MONREC, Mr. Gerry Fox, Team leader of Pyoe Pin Program-Myanmar, Dr. Kyaw Tint, Chairman of MERN delivered opening speeches respectively at the opening.


The annual report of 2016 was presented by U Bobby, the secretary of CEC and the questions and answers were followed. After that, the one-month ahead circulated amendment points for MERN Charter were also presented by U Bobby. All members discussed on the points and the Charter was amended.


The next session was showcase of the MERN members’ activities by the representatives from each members including new member organizations. In this meeting, CEC has confirmed the list of new MERN’s member organization and MERN is now moving forward with 27 member organizations.


The last session was election of CEC (2017-2019).  Meeting chairperson introduced proposed new CEC member and new CEC members for 2017-2019 were elected by the MERN members – U Win Myo Thu (Chairman), U Tun Paw Oo (Vice-Chairman), U Tin Aung Moe (Secretary), Dr. Thiri Dawei Aung (Treasurer). Detail list of CEC can be found at the governance section of this website.

Member Organizations